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Destiny and Our Story

Welcome to Friends of Destiny, where every rescue story begins with love and a commitment to change lives. Our journey started with Destiny, our first rescue and the inspiration behind our name. Her story, marked by innocence and sweetness, touched our hearts profoundly. Born into the harsh reality of street life, Destiny’s fate changed when she found her way into the compassionate hands of Kasey, Ben, and Brianna. This moment sparked the creation of Friends of Destiny, with the invaluable support of Jade, Ashlynn, and Chase.

Destiny’s journey was a challenging one, filled with medical battles. Yet, through every struggle, she received the best medical care, enveloped in love and tender attention from our dedicated team. We cherished her like our own child, hoping against hope for her recovery. Despite the highs and lows, Destiny’s life was a testament to the resilience and beauty of these street-born felines, often grappling with health issues due to their tough beginnings. Tragically, Destiny’s battle ended in double kidney failure, and we had to say goodbye, sending her off to a peaceful rest at Medvet Dallas, TX.

Her memory remains a constant source of inspiration and emotion for us. Destiny’s spirit fuels our mission: to rescue, heal, and rehome countless kittens and cats, each with their own harrowing tale of survival. From critical conditions to loving homes, we transform lives – not just of these felines, but also of their adoptive families. Our mission is clear: to rescue the innocent and usher in new, love-filled chapters in their lives.

We are not your typical pet rescue. We are a sanctuary for the overlooked and the neglected, an island of misfit angels deserving of a chance they’ve never had. These cats, with their sweet and loving nature, are waiting for someone like you to rewrite their story.

Join us at Friends of Destiny in giving these precious souls a shot at life. Be part of a movement that doesn’t just change lives but also creates new beginnings filled with love and hope.

Our journey has been filled with both challenges and triumphs, but the purrs of contentment, the joyful meows, and the grateful eyes of our feline residents make it all worth it. As we look forward to the future, our commitment remains unshaken, and our mission clearer than ever.

Join us, be a part of this beautiful narrative, and together, let’s create countless stories of hope and transformation.