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Welcome to Friends of Destiny, where every cat deserves a loving home and a bright future. In our care, you’ll find a diverse group of feline friends – each with a unique story. Some were once forgotten on the streets, others born into the wild urban landscape, rescued from overcrowded shelters, or lovingly surrendered from homes that could no longer care for them. These resilient little souls are ready for a new chapter filled with love and care.

At Friends of Destiny, we ensure that every cat is thoroughly checked and treated by a veterinarian, guaranteeing their health and well-being. Our adorable companions have been nurtured to exhibit friendly and affectionate behaviors, making them the perfect addition to your family. These little angels are not just pets; they are companions waiting to fill your home with love and joy.

We invite you to open your heart and home to one of these deserving cats. Adopting from Friends of Destiny means giving a cat a second chance at a happy, love-filled life. Find your new furry family member with us today!


Maria was found in the parking lot of a Mexican food restaurant by an employee at only one day old...


Feta (or as we call him, “Little fluffy Moo Moo”) is a spunky little guy who loves to play...


Cheddar is always ready for fun and adventure! He can often be found pouncing on anything that moves and chasing after his favorite toys...

How To Adopt


Find Your Kitty

Find Your Kitty

Browse through our shelter, either online or in person, to find a furry friend that resonates with your heart.


Make Appointment

Make Appointment

Schedule a visit to Friends of Destiny to spend quality time with your chosen animal.


A Perfect Match

A Perfect Match

Discuss the adoption terms, understand responsibilities, and get clarity on any doubts you may have.


Life's Better With A Cat

Life's Better With A Cat

Once you finalize the adoption, embrace the newfound joy and enhanced life quality that comes with your new companion.