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You Can Change A Life.Help Us Rescue Abandoned Cats.

Friends of Destiny is a non-profit rescue with a simple goal. Help as many abandoned and neglected cats as possible.  We provide food, shelter, and medical services for our furry friends that can’t speak out themselves for help.

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Every little bit helps. Vet Bills add up fast. 100% of all donations are applied to Cat Welfare.

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Kittens don't take up much room. You can make a difference. Apply to become a foster today.

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Why We Do This...

Friends oF Destiny was created in honor of a brave kitten named Destiny who fought her hardest in this life.

About Friends of Destiny

We're Dedicated To Giving Them A Chance.

At Friends of Destiny, we’re more than just a shelter; we’re a haven for kittens in need.

Located in the heart of Arlington, Texas, our foundation has continually radiated a commitment to giving these fragile lives a shot at love, warmth, and safety. Rescued from the streets, abandoned homes, or circumstances where they might have been overlooked, each kitten that steps paw into our sanctuary is wrapped in care and compassion.

Our dedicated team works tirelessly to ensure not only their immediate well-being but also to find them loving forever homes. At Friends of Destiny, every whisker, purr, and furry tale is cherished. Join us in our mission to rewrite destiny for these feline companions, giving them the chance they so rightly deserve.


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Kitten Care


Let's Protect the Innocent

Help Us Save Innocent Kittens

Each year, as kitten season unfolds, the Dallas-Fort Worth area witnesses the birth of countless kittens. Sadly, many of these tiny souls require urgent medical attention. Often abandoned and facing grave risks, these kittens desperately need timely care and support.

Our dedicated team is committed to making a difference every kitten season, ensuring that each precious life is saved and nurtured.


Abandoned Cat's In Cage

Annually, thousands of cats find themselves in shelters, eagerly awaiting adoption. A significant number of these cats urgently need medical care; without it, they face the risk of being euthanized to free up shelter space.

Our mission is to step into these shelters, identify these vulnerable felines, provide them with the necessary medical treatment, and diligently work to secure loving homes for each one.


Raised : $525

Goal : $2500


Homeless Street Cats

Our pet rescue is dedicated to making a positive impact on known cat colonies. We employ humane trapping methods to safely capture cats for spaying or neutering, effectively managing the colony size.

Post-procedure, we ensure each cat receives medical care and tirelessly work to place them in caring homes. Your generous donations empower us to extend our reach, save more lives, and prevent the birth of more cats on the streets.


Raised : $750

Goal : $5000


Foster Home Support

We are incredibly fortunate to have a network of extraordinary foster volunteers. These compassionate individuals provide not only food and shelter but also a nurturing environment for abandoned cats or those requiring medical care, offering them a sanctuary for recovery.

Your contributions towards food, toys, and additional medical care can significantly bolster our efforts. With your support, we can amplify the impact of our amazing fosters, whom we cherish and eagerly support with your generous assistance. Together, we can create meaningful change.


Raised : $855

Goal : $3000

You Have The Power To Change Tomorrow

Did you know that every interaction with a feline can shape its future? From a simple petting to providing a loving home, your actions today can mold a cat’s tomorrow. Just by supporting shelters or adopting, you can turn a cat’s life from bleak to bright. Embrace your power; make a difference in a feline’s world today.


Successful Adoptions

Thanks to your support, we've successfully found homes for most of our rescued cats.


Lives Saved

Your support has enabled us to rescue and save the majority of abandoned and stray cats found in dire conditions